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Monday, October 16, 2017

Free college for all says California Democrats

"To each according to their need . . . "
And that "need" is a bottomless pit

(AP) -- The first year of community college would be free for full-time, in-state students under a bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown by California lawmakers.
The bill given final approval by the Assembly Wednesday would waive the $46 per unit fee for one academic year for first-time students.
Democratic Assemblyman Miguel Santiago of Los Angeles says his bill “is absolutely doable” because it would cost about $31 million in existing state dollars.
Fellow Democrat and co-author David Chiu of San Francisco says some campuses already are waiving first-year fees. He says California would follow the lead of Tennessee in creating the program. He noted that California had free tuition until 1984, when tuition costs began to rise.
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Anonymous said...

The same stupidity .
They cannot cope with Money for the system , so debt is the path , stupis Democrats , and traitors use to fool people , and grab votes ...
the same ruse that europeans socialists use ...