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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Muslim Robocops to maintain "Law and Order"

Law and Order

  • The governments will make these new Terminators cute and friendly looking to make the Sheeple relax and not be afraid of the all-powerful state.

(Khaleej Times)  -  By 2030, almost 30 per cent of the Dubai Police force will be made up of robots. So whether you want to report a crime, send out a call for help, or simply use one of its e-services, the one-stop Robocop is the answer.
Standing at 170cms tall and weighing 100 kilogrammes, the autonomous robot will be positioned throughout the city's malls and streets and will cater to both residents and tourists.
As one of the latest incorporations to the Dubai Police smart department, the robot will broadcast live video feeds and it will soon host a big, red SOS button too, which people can push if they are in need of immediate help.
"If the person presses the button, they will be alerted that they are requesting for emergency assistance, so if they proceed, a Dubai Police officer will be at their side within the next five minutes," Major Ahmed Al Haj, head of smart marketing at Dubai Police told Kahleej Times at the Gitex Technology Week.
Although the Dubai Police Robot count currently stands at one, residents should expect to see "hundreds taking to the city's streets" over the next few years.
"This is the first and only model so far and we have already seen it in operation at The Dubai Mall and Mirdif City Centre. People can use the robot to pay fines, apply for police clearance certificates, as well as many other e-services, using text and speech," he said.
Using facial recognition technology, it can also "detect wanted persons". "If it recognises a face from the Dubai Police 'Wanted Persons' list, the robot will automatically connect to the Operations Room and alert the in-house team," Al Haj said.
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Make No Mistake
These Robo-Terminators will be used by all governments to clear the streets of those daring to protest against the all-powerful state.

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Anonymous said...

by the size of that bots ... i sensed that human police are "inside" them ... its the same on ATMs ... robotization is a fake ... machines are human driven