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Friday, October 20, 2017

Abandoned by Trump, Kurds Turn to Putin

It is dangerous to be a US ally

  • With one hand Comrade Obama armed ISIS and other Islamist groups and with the other hand starved the pro-American Kurds of weapons.
  • Trump gave the Kurds a few more weapons. But now with ISIS collapsing we see Trump leaving the Kurds to twist slowly in the wind. . . . and in comes Russia to fill the void.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq announced it had signed a deal with the Russian state-owned oil corporation Rosneft that would allow the company to begin developing oil blocks worth a potential $400 million to the Kurds.

The announcement follows a turbulent week for the KRG, as the Iran-backed government in Baghdad launched an invasion into its territory and wrested Kirkuk, an oil-rich province, out of the Kurds’ hands. Iraqi officials claim the invasion was necessary following the KRG’s decision to hold a non-binding referendum asking its citizens whether they would support a path to independence from Iraq.

While many experts cite the Kurdish Peshmerga as the most effective ally of the United States against the Islamic State on the ground in Iraq, the Trump administration has refused to support the Kurds against the Iran-backed Shiite militias that have stormed Kirkuk, with President Donald Trump himself stating, “We’re not taking sides,” reports Breitbart.

Bloomberg reports that the Rosneft deal will allow the Russian oil company to develop five oil blocks in Kurdistan. The contract would give “Rosneft 80 percent of the projects, the company said in a statement on Wednesday. Rosneft may pay a fee of as much as $400 million, half of which could be repaid in oil pumped from the deposits.”

“The new agreements will allow us to talk about full-fledged entry of the company in one of the most promising regions,” Bloomberg quotes a statement from Rosneft as stating. The oil company statement estimated that the blocks in question would be complete by 2021, suggesting that the company expects to remain a long-term presence in the region despite the current stability, and expects the KRG to remain in control of the locations of those blocks throughout the process and not lose them to the Iraqi government.

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The ISIS Collapse
Comrade Obama, Saudi Arabia and Turkey got the ball rolling by sending mountains of arms to Islamists in Syria.  Russia and Iran only came in later to counter US armed Islamists.
Now with ISIS and US armed Islamist groups in collapse Russia and Iran are firmly in control.

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i told you so !!!
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