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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ted Cruz ahead in GOP presidential poll, but why?

Who the Hell is Ted Cruz?
Many GOP voters are backing Cruz without
knowing the first thing about him.

By Gary;

And away we go for the 2016 Presidential nomination.  I already feel like driving off a cliff to end my suffering early rather than be subjected to this madness for the next three years.

The Public Policy Polling survey found this result for the 2016 nomination:

  • 20% Senator Ted Cruz
  • 17% Senator Rand Paul
  • 14% Governor Chris Christie
  • 11% Governor Jeb Bush
  • 10% Senator Marco Rubio
  • 10% Congressman Paul Ryan
  • 4% Governor Bobby Jindal
  • 3% each for Rick Santorum and Scott Walker.

There is a fine line between leadership
and shameless self-promotion.

Personally I am stunned that 20% of Republicans would claim they support a man for the White House with only 8 months on the job.  Plus those polled know next to zero about him.

The poll perhaps says a lot more about a hunger for leadership than any meaningful pro-Cruz feelings.
About Cruz  -  Don't get me wrong, I love Cruz's display of fire breathing guts.  But who the Hell is he?

To even think of Cruz as President concerns me.  Until January, 2013 Cruz had mostly worked in different positions as a very anonymous appointed government lawyer.  Good, another fucking lawyer in politics.  Well what can you do?

He has no experience on a city council, as mayor, as a state legislator, Governor, Congressman or any meaningful diplomatic post or cabinet level executive experience. 
Before running for the Senate in 2012 the world neither knew nor cared that Cruz existed.  As a brand new Senator he has done nothing significant yet except make a long speech.

Being the chief executive of the U.S. is serious business.  Cruz does not bring much to the table.
A Real Leader or Power Hungry?

The Founding Fathers knew politics is a wild mix of insane ambition for personal power and the desire to serve the nation.

Most of our Presidents have had considerable experience in assorted offices, such as John Quincy Adams, McKinley and Eisenhower.  Others like Lincoln, Cleveland and Hoover had very minimal experience.  So there is no one path to power.

Some have made the charge that Cruz's mini filibuster was nothing more than a massive publicity stunt for the Cruz in 2016 campaign.  Cruz knew he had little support in the Senate and a debate cut-off was already in place.  There was never a real filibuster.  It was all about TV exposure.

So with the end result never in question, it is legitimate to ask about Cruz's true motives.  Is it real leadership against impossible odds or shameless self-promotion?

I will leave it to the readers to make up their own minds on Cruz.  It is a long way still to 2016.



Anonymous said...

Interesting, considering Cruz has an illegal father, was born in Canada and lived there for the first 4 years of his life, and that some Republicans were questioning Obama's legitimacy, this is weird.

Gary said...

Bullshit. Cruz's father was not illegal. I for one don't question Obama's birth just his sanity.