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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

California to Outlaw Hunting?

The Socialist are coming for your guns.
12 gun bills await Leftist Governor Jerry Brown’s signature.

The People's Republic of California  -  Despite unconstitutional gun-free zone laws that kept navy servicemen from defending themselves last week during the Washington Navy Yard shooting, 12 gun bills await California Governor Jerry Brown’s signature, including one that will eliminate a favorite pastime as American as apple pie and baseball.

The bills, passed by the Democrat-controlled California state legislature, seek to outlaw even more guns and ammunition, and will additionally target hunting, even though according to the Brady Campaign California already has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

Senate Bill 374 seeks to ban “all semi-automatic guns with a detachable magazine, including hunting rifles,” according to The Washington Times.

But it is Assembly Bill 711 that has most people worried. It aims to outlaw lead ammunition, which in turn will effectively ban hunting because, as The Times noted, “…about 95 percent of all ammunition sold in California contains lead,” reports Infowars News.

AB-711 attacks hunting in a roundabout way by claiming that prohibiting lead ammo is about preserving the environment and wildlife, not about restricting the sporting activity.
The bill, which passed 44-29 in its final Assembly Floor vote, requires non-lead ammo be used when shooting any wildlife with any firearm and will go into effect no later than July 1, 2019, a protracted timeline which critics say negates the very purpose of the bill.
“If this is such an urgent threat to human and animal health, there’s no way they would push it back to 2019,” the spokesman for the union group Californians for Conversation, Tim Rosales, says.
AB-711 “…basically outlaws hunting,” says Assemblyman Brian Jones. He’s concerned that “If California outlaws lead bullets, the federal government already outlaws everything else, so there’s nothing left for hunters to use.”
Union leaders are urging Gov. Brown to veto the lead ban bill, lest he and other gun-grabbing politicians incur the same wrath from voters as two Coloradan Senators faced earlier this month when they were recalled from their positions.
Mark Gagliardi, an official with the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 277 in Contra Costa County, says the bill will eliminate “one of the few things our working families enjoy and can afford.” “Sixty-five percent of all union households hunt, fish or enjoy the outdoors,” he said.
Additionally, one attorney says Gov. Brown may be setting himself up for a lawsuit should he approve the anti-hunting bill.

“This bill is proof that the slippery-slope argument is valid,” says Chuck Michel, an attorney for the National Rifle Association’s California chapter. “We hope the governor sees how particularly ill-advised this bill is, but if he signs it, the NRA will have no choice but to challenge the law.”
Gov. Brown hasn’t made a decision whether he will sign or veto the bills presented to him, but he has said that the shooting that took place at the Washington Navy Yard last week will not influence his decision. “If he does not act by Oct. 13,” the L.A. Times notes, “it becomes law without his signature.”
Below is a list of the bills awaiting the governor’s signature or veto, along with a list of state-wide firearm-related events.

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