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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Angela Merkel Suffers Historic Collapse in Election

Are you really a "conservative" if you are bailing out failed socialist
policies all over Europe?

"Conservatism" gets a kick in the teeth.
  • Angry about European bailouts and high taxes, German voters make Angela Merkel's CDU a minority party.
  • Merkel's partner, the conservative Free Democratic Party, lost 93 seats and was completely thrown out of parliament.
  • Socialist parties now have the majority of seats in parliament.

The Collapse of Conservatism  -  To read the Internet or watch TV one might think that Chancellor Merkel won some huge victory in this week's elections.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  She suffered a crushing defeat.

In state election after state election, angry German voters have defeated Merkel's Christian Democratic Union and thrown out her conservative partner the Free Democrats.

The national elections made the Conservatives a minority party and the socialist parties the majority.  It is possible Merkel might be cut out with a socialist elected as Chancellor.

Germany's conservative business-oriented Free Democratic Party on Sunday headed out of parliament for the first time in postwar history.

"It is clear this is the worst result the FDP has ever experienced," Rainer Brüderle, the party's lead candidate in this year's parliamentary election, told a crowd of deflated supporters in Berlin.

For decades, the FDP has been a bastion of Germany's conservative establishment and a political kingmaker, participating as a junior partner in German government for 46 of the past 64 years, including for 16 years during the chancellorship of Helmut Kohl reports the Wall Street Journal.

The party's apparent collapse reflects the recent fracturing of Germany's party landscape, including the recent emergence of an anti-euro party. Squabbling among its leadership and the party's failure to achieve major tax cuts also have hurt its standing since its strong showing in national elections four years ago.
Philipp Rösler, Germany's economics minister and the party head, called it the "most bitter and saddest" night in party history.
A significant outside factor contributed to the FDP's bad night: the rise of a new anti-euro party, the Alternative for Germany, which polls showed drew some voters away from the FDP.

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Conservative Free Democrats kicked out.
The Free Democratic Party's main candidate, Rainer Bruederle, left, with chairman Philipp Roesler after the party was punished by voters in Germany's election.
"It is clear this is the worst result the FDP has ever experienced," Rainer Brüderle, the party's lead candidate in this year's parliamentary election.


Right-of-center parties went from a majority to a minority
in the new German Bundestag.  The three socialist
parties now have the majority.


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