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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Conservative says the rich are too rich

Conservatives Adopt Socialism
The Conservative Party Mayor of London attacks the
"evil" rich for passing wealth to their children.

Small government Classical Liberalism and Conservatism is dead.  In Britain, Germany, France or the U.S. those who claim to be Conservative are adopting the language and wealth re-distribution programs of the Socialists they claim to oppose.

Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party Mayor of London, criticized well-off Britons who buy large houses to pass on to their children instead of giving their wealth to charity.

He said the country needed to adopt a culture of philanthropy like that of the US, where there is a ‘culture of giving and being recognised as givers’.

Despite owning a large house in Henley, Oxfordshire, and a £2.3million home in a fashionable part of North London, the father-of-five criticised those who ‘desperately’ aimed to amass property wealth to pass on to their offspring ‘for some unknown reason’, reports the UK Daily Mail.

Asked what he believed the barriers were to philanthropy in Britain, Johnson said wealthy Britons just wanted to buy the largest ‘schloss’ – a castle or manor house – they could, adding: ‘It’s a cultural thing.
'The trouble with the people in this country is – and I’ll get myself in terrible trouble here – is that what they really want to do when they’ve amassed colossal wealth in Britain, is buy the biggest possible house they can with the most colossal grouse moorland they can find and then try in some desperate way to perpetuate it and to pass it on to their children, for some unknown reason.'

‘In America they have a very different attitude in that they believe that if you have made a lot of money you should do something for society.

‘There’s still something in Britain which regards giving on a huge scale as somehow ostentatious – that is absolutely ridiculous.'

‘The sooner people get over their lust to buy great schlosses in the home counties – or indeed grouse moors – and give to great causes in London, the better.’

A poster for the British Conservative Party from the 1929 General Election.
Conservatism is Dead.
In the olden days Conservatives actually believed in small government, personal and economic freedom.  But those days are long, long gone and dead.  Today "Conservatives" have become the very Socialists they fought by fully adopting big government centralized controls and the 1984 Police Surveillance State.

USA - Blast from the past cartoon
While over in the U.S. the "Conservative" Republican Party has adopted as their own every Leftist New Deal and Great Society big government spending program ever created.

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