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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Liars! - Congress pretends to "debate" Syria

Bullshit Alert!
Obama is only allowing a debate on Syria because
of the new Internet media.

By Gary;

Thank God for the Internet and Bloggers.  We may have stopped a new war.  May have . . .

Comrade Obama said legislative leaders have agreed to hold a debate and a vote on bombing Syria as soon as Congress returns, which currently is scheduled to be Sept. 9.

But even so, the Anointed One proclaimed, "I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets.  I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization . . . "

An Internet Nut Kicking

The corrupt filth in the D.C. Beltway and Downing Street totally miscalculated the growing power of the new Internet Media and Bloggers.

The traditional print, radio and TV media (liberal and conservative) mostly did their job and played dead for Obama allowing him to move forward to a war in support of the Syrian rebels.  Fox News went over the top showing crying Arab babies and corpses during a speech by John Kerry.  Talk about yellow journalism.

But the new independent Internet Media can spread information around the planet and to billions of people in only seconds.

News of war that used to take days or weeks to spread ignited the public.  Suddenly Obama's lackey, British Prime Minister David Cameron, ran into a firestorm back home and was defeated by his own Parliament.  Kick to the nuts #1.

Kick #2 happened Saturday when Obama claimed he agreed to a Congressional debate on Syria.

A Pretend "Debate" in Congress  -  The lap-dog Elite Media have mostly covered for Obama and the liars and whores in Congress.  The "debate" will be about firing new rockets into Syria.  But the "debate" will ignore the existing U.S. program to arm the rebels

The real truth is the U.S., the UK and their Islamist allies in the Middle East have been at war with secular, pro-Russia Syria for months and months.  Using the CIA the U.S. has been working through Islamist allies like Saudi Arabia to fund and run guns to the rebels.

The so-called "debate" is mostly a sham.  A fig leaf for getting caught.  Both parties in Congress knew about backing the rebels.  After all, anyone with a computer could read the reports from largely overseas media.

The next test of the Internet Media is to fully expose the American support of Islamist rebels.  That is a tough sell to an apathetic public.

Saudi Arabia backs Islamic Terrorism.
Comrade Obama may allow Congress to pretend to debate bombing Syria, but keep in mind it is a pretend debate.
Through the CIA the U.S. and other Western nations have long been working through Islamist Turkey, Islamist Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states to fund and ship weapons to Syrian rebels.  We have effectively been making war against Syria for years. 
See our article:
THE FEDERALIST - "U.S. - Britain are arming the Islamist Syrian Rebels."

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