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Friday, June 21, 2019

African "Migrants" Held Back by Mexican National Guard

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You Won't See This on American TV

Mexico: Guards deployed at southern border after Trump migrant deal

(Infowars)  -  New video from Mexico’s border with Guatemala shows a chaotic scene as scores of officers with the Federal Police and National Guard detain dozens of African men in Tapachula.
Ruptly, an “international video news agency,” posted the video early Wednesday.

“Guards deployed at southern border after #Trump migrant deal,” the message read.
The footage shows several dozen African men, many of them shirtless, as they shouted, snapped their fingers, and waived at the camera as they sat and mulled about near a border gate, as about the same number of National Guard and Federal Police stood decked out in riot gear, including helmets and bullet-proof vests.
At least one man in the video appears to be a translator, working to relay messages from the shouting mob.
The video seemingly confirms a deal with Mexico negotiated by President Trump is working to halt the flood of illegal immigrants through Mexico into the United States, a crisis that escalated over the last year, initially with migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.
More recently, a wave of thousands of African migrants have traveled to Central America to exploit the situation and America’s asylum laws.

Mexican National Guard Blocks The Gate

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