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Sunday, June 9, 2019

You Can No Longer Criticize Illegal Immigration

Speaking Truth to Power

“I am against political correctness,” Zhou, who immigrated legally  to the U.S. from China, told the Journal-Constitution. “I speak truth to power in class and my students learn about the financial drain of illegal immigration on the economy and the high crime rates of illegal immigrants.”

Studies have shown that illegal immigrants commit more crimes and more violent crimes than legal immigrants or citizens born in the United States.

Zhou said he is not imposing his values or opinions on his students, whom he encourages to exercise free speech and freedom of thought.

“My students are ‘woke’ and are overwhelmingly against illegal immigration after taking my class,” he added.

But those opposing Zhou have dismissed his lectures because they object to some of the language and terminology the professor uses in classes, such as “libtards” and “ghetto thugs.” 

Nguyen criticized Zhou for the “hostile terms” and his “false narratives about immigrants” in a tweet.

“I have concerns about him teaching those things in a classroom,” Nguyen told the Journal-Constitution, pointing out that 70% of the college students where Zhou teaches are visible minorities. Nguyen said she intends to write a formal complaints to the college.

In a response to the paper, the college offered its “academic freedom policy” that stipulates faculty members are free to speak their minds “without fear or censure.”

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