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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Federalist Shadow-Banned by Google, Part IV

Mid Year Censorship Report
Google Censorship
We are eagerly Goosestepping into 1984

By Gary;

Here we are.  This Blog started publishing in 2011 - - - - before the Dark Times, Before Internet Censorship.

I was excited for years that my rather quaint, old fashioned views on freedom and the Constitution could literally reach millions and millions of people. The free internet allowed us all (Left & Right) to speak our minds.

Since 2011 The Federalist has published 9,125 articles screaming to an often deaf world the story of individual liberty and limited government.

But along came The Donald. Suddenly the Multi-National Corporations running the internet started to crack down on freedom of speech on the Right - - - the crack down on the Left will come as soon as they start attacking their Corporate Masters. Then with both the Right and Left silenced we will be "living" in the 1984 Big Brother State.

The Federalist is being censored by Big Brother Google.

I am basking in my Through Crime.

When I first read 1984 in high school never in my wildest dreams did I suspect that I would be declared a Thought Criminal.

Deep down it makes me kind of proud that the Billionaire Internet Cartels are frightened shitless by a little hobby Blog like mine.  Indeed my thoughts must be dangerous.

We badly need a modern Theodore Roosevelt to break up the Internet monopolies if anything resembling freedom is to continue to exist.

The Right and now even the Left is getting censored by Google, YouTube, Facebook and more.  And naturally the do-nothing "Conservative" GOP is silent as the free speech of Conservatives is being strangled.

I started this little Hobby Blog back in 2011 to talk about freedom and Constitutional Federalism in a world that increasingly worships Big Brother. Well I must have hit a nerve. We shot past 4 million page view this year often hitting 3,000 to 5,000 pages viewed daily. In August, 2017 we peaked with 173,345 views in just one month.

Then overnight page views of my Blog fell like a rock.  Fallen to ultra low levels I have not seen in years.

Shadow-Banning they call it.  They are not censoring Conservative sites.  Google. Facebook etc. just make sure that no one can ever find us.

Both Democrat and Republican political hacks and their lap dog media are silent.

One wonders in the dead of night if there is anyone left out there who cares.  Is the Republic dead?  Is all we are seeing is the twitching of a still warm corpse?  

I hope not, but I fear the worst.

I have no choice but to fight on.  The shame of it all is the bought and paid for whores in Congress. Like Rome of old - - - they watch the Republic burn while feeding at the trough of corruption.


The Federalist Pageview Counter
Pages viewed in the last 24 hours - June 3, 2019
My site has gone from 3,000 to 5,000 views a day to this.

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