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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Central American Towns Empty as Migrants Rush to U.S. Border Loopholes

In 1916 General Blackjack Pershing took charge of the 8th Brigade in San Francisco.  His mission was to patrol the Mexican – American border in response to the wave of instability and revolution sweeping Mexico. 

America - A Nation of Pussies
Modern Americans are frightened to death
to defend their own borders.

  • I don't give a fuck about GermanyPresident Trump needs to withdraw the 33,000 American troops in Germany and deploy them on the Mexican border to repel invasion.

Guatemala’s towns are emptying out as a growing number of migrants head north to accept the Democratic Party’s offer of open-border loopholes and low-wage jobs, say a growing number of local reports.
Roughly one percent of Guatemala’s population has migrated to the United States’ border since September 2018, according to the Department of Homeland Security. That adds up to roughly 170,000 migrants, and roughly one-third of those migrants come from the neighboring rural districts of Huehuetenango and San Marcos.
The result of this U.S. government policies is that many villages are with empty homes, fatherless families, absent men, and minimal investment. The Wall Street Journal reported:COLOTENANGO, Guatemala—Gloria Velásquez is used to saying goodbye. Four of her six siblings have migrated to the U.S. and she, too, is thinking about heading north with her 9-year-old daughter.…
Ms. Velásquez said her four siblings in the U.S. are encouraging her to join them. Her daughter Helen Ixchel likes to teach language and mathematics to fellow children. She wants to learn English and become a teacher.
“I’m a bit scared [about going to the U.S.] after hearing all the news about the suffering of migrants at the border. But it’s my daughter’s greatest dream,” Ms. Velásquez said.
This massive loss of young people minimizes opposition to the country’s weak government and deters foreign investment in the nation. Without the promise of foreign investment and new jobs in the nation’s main cities, the next cohort of young men rationally look north for jobs.
“Santa Rosa fits the DHS statistics perfectly,” says a May 17 report from Sara Carter. Under the headline “Guatemalan Ghost Towns,” Carter wrote:
After a nearly two-hour ride up a windy mountain road from the capital the sound of salsa music greeted our SUV as it pulled along side one of the main roads. The music wafted from a small make-shift cafe that was empty of both customers and workers.
No cars. Few people. Two dogs. It was for the most part a ghost town.
“I can say roughly 60 percent of this town is gone,” said Jose Manuel, who had spent his day sitting along side the curb in front of furniture repair shop.
Many more migrants are preparing to travel through Mexico to accept the Democrats’ invitation of legal loopholes in the border fence. A recent survey by U.S. and Guatemalans shows that roughly one million Guatemalans — plus many of their children — want to make the trip soon.

“Entire communities are losing their children — and their future — to migration,” said a report from the non-profit Pulitzer Center. The report delicately dances around the reality that progressive Democrats and judges offer the catch-and-release loopholes to the migrants who bring their children. So many migrants bring their children and working-age youths on the dangerous trip to the border:
HUHUETENANGO, Guatemala — Amidst the chaos of third-graders getting ready for recess, a small empty desk stands out. The child who used to sit there is gone, having left for the United States with his father.
In another classroom, four girls work together to fix their costume for the school’s carnival. The rest of their ninth-grade class has dropped out — some to go to the U.S., others because their families couldn’t afford school any longer.
In a neighboring town, a teacher gardens to empower young women after the village’s only secondary program closed due to a lack of students.
some of these villages are losing their future as the younger generation heads north. Many of those who stay behind face a heavier workload — they need to care for younger siblings and tend house while their mothers work in the fields or fetch wood, tasks that typically belonged to their husbands.

Back when the U.S. had Balls
U.S. troops at a staging area for General John J. Pershing's 1916 incursion into Mexico to apprehend Mexican renegade Poncho Villa, who raided U.S. territory in retaliation for U.S. support of President Victoriano Huerta.

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