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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Top 10 Movies For A Desert Island

Stuck on an island - What to bring?

By Gary;

I have had too much time on my hands lately so my mind wandered on what to bring to a tropical desert island when civilization collapses.

Naturally having Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton along would help fill the many hours of boredom.

A fully stocked bar, a BBQ and a stockpile of ribs works too.

But I am a slave to movies.  So a TV, a few solar panels and a case of 10 DVDs would round out the exile in paradise.

This is NOT a top 10 movies of all time list. Fuck that. They can keep their Citizen Kane and Gone with the Wind crap.

This would be my list of 10 favorite films that I would have no problem watching over and over - - - basically because I have already watched them to death and still can't wait to watch them again.

The Maltese Falcon  (1941)

The classic of all classics.  The film stars the great Humphrey Bogart as private investigator Sam Spade and Mary Astor as his femme fatale client. Gladys GeorgePeter Lorre, and Sydney Greenstreet round out the cast.

Most people select Casablanca as Bogart's best movie and perhaps the best film of all time. Not me.  The Falcon beats them both.

Fight Club  (1999)

"You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you, never wanted you, in all probability he hates you. It's not the worst thing that could happen."

— Tyler Durden

This film is most appropriate for a desert island as it addresses the base instincts of man and the fall of civilization.

Fight Club gets a 10 out of 10 on my weird-shit-meter. Seeing it for the first time blew me away. Insanity.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly  (1966)

The supreme Clint Eastwood movie. Then there is Tuco Ramírez masterfully played by Eli Wallach 

I have seen this movie countless times on TV, disc and in revival theaters. It never gets old.

The Walking Dead - Season One  (2010)

I have written that season one of the Dead is simply a long movie.  Take out the opening and ending credits of the six episodes, remove the TV commercials and you have a self contained single SciFi movie of the highest quality.

Having re-watched season one recently brings back the memories of Dead-mania. The acting and plots are off the charts.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier  (2014)

Captain America alongside Scarlett Johansson.  That is reason alone to watch the movie. The film is a near perfect blend of the superhero genre with a huge dose of Big Brother 1984 out to kill millions who dare question the all-powerful State.

Unlike Avengers Endgame the Winter Soldier was an outstanding movie without piling on 4 dozen characters from multiple films.

The Silence of the Lambs  (1991)
"It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again."
Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb

In the Olden Days I was in the front row on opening night for so many of our great movies.

To be in that pitch dark theater with Dr. Hannibal Lecter's face filling the screen was like nothing I have experienced before or since.

Dracula  (1931)

Yes I have seen this thing a million times since childhood.  But I just can't help myself.  It is the classic that started it all.  My recent review and re-reading of the book impressed upon me all the more the power of the story.

The creepy atmosphere and black and white filming of the 1931 version cannot be beat.  And we cannot forget the great Dwight Frye as Renfield.  He nearly steals the film.  If you could combine this and the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola version your would have the perfect Dracula movie.

Tremors   (1990)

I was blown away when I saw this in the theater.  My God, it is the perfect horror comedy.  Oddly it is funnier than Hell, scary and politically correct at the same time.  In an unusual move for the time, we have multiple racial groups available for munching by the graboids.

Also, a double thumbs up to Val and Earl, the two best handymen ever.

Rio Conchos  (1964)

Among the first of the realistic, bloody and ultra-violent Westerns. A multi-racial cast starring Richard BooneStuart WhitmanAnthony FranciosaEdmond O'Brien, and in his motion picture debut, Jim Brown.

The movie graphically depicts racism in an age where the Western hero was "pure" and wore a white hat.

The Matrix  (1999)

Neo discovers the truth - - - and all Hell breaks loose from there. The film has since appeared in lists of the greatest science fiction films ever made.

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