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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday Sultress - Ashley Massaro RIP

Thanks For The Memories

WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro took her own life eight months after the dismissal of a lawsuit where she claimed head injuries sustained from her wrestling career made her spiral into depression, The Blast reports.
Massaro died at the age 39 from undisclosed, but non-criminal causes after being rushed from her home on Long Island to a hospital on Thursday morning.
She was discovered unconscious at her New York home after she failed to show at her local radio job and insider claimed.
The wrestler and model was a WWE Superstar from 2005 to 2008, and rose to even greater notoriety among a mainstream audience after appearing on the cover of Playboy. 
Officials responded to her Suffolk County home following a call reporting an unconscious female and administered CPR during the ride to the hospital, according to dispatch audio obtained by The Blast.  She passed away in hospital, officials told TMZ.   
Massaro joined a class action lawsuit against WWE related to potential head injuries in November of 2016, filed by attorney Konstantine Kyros, the Boston Globe reported.
Massaro accused the company of concealing risks of injury known to cause neurological damage as well as alleging the company discouraged her from reporting an alleged sexual assault she survived on a US military base in Kuwait in 2006 during a WWE tour.
That lawsuit was dismissed in September 2018. 

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