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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

‘Trump-free zone’ for students at Chicago schools

(Washington Times)  -  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday assured incoming high schoolers that they need not to worry about President Trump ending the “Dreamers” program, saying Chicago Public Schools are a “Trump-free” sanctuary for young illegal immigrants.
“To all the Dreamers that are here in this room and in the city of Chicago: You are welcome in the city of Chicago. This is your home. And you have nothing to worry about,” Mr. Emanuel told a group of freshman on the first day of classes at Solorio Academy High School, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.
“Chicago, our schools, our neighborhoods, our city, as it relates to what President Trump said, will be a Trump-free zone. You have nothing to worry about,” Mr. Emanuel said. “And I want you to know this, and I want your families to know this. And rest assured, I want you to come to school … and pursue your dreams.”
Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool said the school system is a “sanctuary” for undocumented students.
“We do not allow federal agents on these grounds and in this building,” he said, the Sun-Times reported. “You are safe and secure here to learn, to grow and to pursue your dreams and we hope that you do so.”
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Anonymous said...

Rahn craze mayor , a Hussein Obama "sicarii" .
Dreamers are in fact Schequemeers ( if that word exist ) , or schematics .
Most came unnotice , unpapper, on purpose , as those aliens in Europe that burn passports and tell autorities that they are all Syrians ... alone at young age , or with parents ... ALL SHOVE IT UP BY SOME CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA INNEFICIENT GOVs , AND OTHER MIDDLE EAST OR ASIA ONES that cannot give them jobs and decent life conditions ... exporting unemployment, education , and health care needdy people ... as often that major export : drugs south of border ...
Then they may join voters to the Democratic Looser Party of so many Causes , and Grievances : that circus of freaks Hillary one party ...
Some are genuine fair people that desserve a chance , but many are paws of that secret agenda of the International Crime Syndicate , the Communist Great Alliance , and the other one that we cannot pronunciate the name ...
that one ... yes