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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Roger Stone on Russia: ‘Scandal Without Evidence – A Myth, A Fairytale. It’s Bullshit.’

It's all a Fairy Tale by the Deep State
A Republican run hearing that was 
out to get Stone and Trump

(Gateway Pundit)  -  Political legend Roger Stone appeared before the House Intelligence Committee today during a closed hearing intended to tackle the allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, but rather than Roger standing trial, he flipped the script in proper Stonean fashion and put the entire committee itself on trial.

In an exclusive interview, I sat down with Mr. Stone and discussed some of the finer details of the hearing and also touched briefly on the Alabama senate race, the slippery, snakelike DNC operative John Podesta, and the much gossiped about Guccifer 2.0. What follows is a penetrating looks at perhaps the largest political scandal in American history: the Democratic Party’s attempt to displace a sitting President.

When I asked Mr. Stone about how the hearing went, he broke down the internal skirmish between Congresspeople Schiff and Speier and Congressman Trey Gowdy, this touch point revolved around whether or not the FBI had seen and analyzed the DNC servers:
“The most interesting about the hearing was that, in my statement, I strongly asserted my suspicion that the Russians never hacked the DNC and, of course, one of the central arguments, to that effect, is that the DNC refused to turn over their computer servers to the FBI, instead having it inspected by CloudStrike, a forensic IT firm controlled directly and paid by the DNC. When I said that, Congresswoman Speier from California corrected me and told me that the DNC servers had been turned over to the FBI, and then Congressman Schiff essentially confirmed that, after which, Trey Gowdy said, ‘wait a minute, James Comey came before this committee, secretary Johnson came before this committee, and testified under oath that the servers were not turned over to the FBI, so what are you talking about?’ Schiff tried to change the subject and said, ‘well, we’ve got a lot of information that we learned during the recess and maybe we should talk about this privately.’ Gowdy seemed furious and stormed out of the hearing, so somebody’s lying.
Who’s lying? We’ve got to get to the bottom of that.
Beyond that, it was pretty – you know, as you might expect. The Republicans gave me the opportunity to correct the statements of Congressman Swalwell, Congresswoman Speier, and Congressman Schiff, specific things they had said about me . . . For example, Schiff had said Stone was in direct contact with Assange, I never was, Speier said Stone has worked for the Russians, I never worked for the Russians, and Swalwell said that I was part of a cabal that had Russian ties, I have no Russian ties.”

Stone went on to comment on the fact that a number of establishment Republicans are working against the Trump administration and “with the Democrats [to uphold] the status quo,” before briefly touching on the topic of the Alabama senate race, noting:
“It’s too early to say, but I think a lot of [the establishment Republicans] are gonna go down. What happens today in Alabama will be very interesting. Steve Bannon and I have both endorsed Roy Moore, many of my friends in the state are working for Roy Moore. Ironically, the candidate who will most closely support the Trump agenda is Roy Moore, not the candidate endorsed by Donald Trump.”
I then pressed Stone on whether or not the Republicans present at the hearing were as off-the-rails as the Democrats present were, Stone commented:
“There’s a very definite divide between the Republicans and the Democrats, the Republicans wanted to get basic things on the record, such as, ‘Do you have any evidence, whatsoever, of collusion, coordination, and so on with the Russian state,’ whereas the Democrats are more interested in playing “gotcha”. For example, they asked me, ‘Have you ever written a tweet and then deleted it?’ I said, ‘I don’t recall one, specifically,’ and then they say, ‘a-ha!’ and then they whip out some innocuous and completely stupid tweet, which I had posted and then thought better of and had taken down, as if that matters. It’s all a big game of ‘gotcha!

Inside Roger Stone’s Congressional Testimony

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