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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

VIDEO - Syrian soldiers embrace after breaking 3-year ISIS siege

Blast From The Past Cartoon
The CIA armed Syrian Islamists in an unconstitutional war. Now we see the Syrian Army liberating their nation from CIA backed "rebels" armed directly by us or through Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Syrian Arab Army soldiers joyously embraced their brothers in arms in the Deir ez-Zor area on Tuesday after the three-year Islamic State siege of the city was breached by government forces on the ground with Russia’s air support.


Anonymous said...

a lot of B.S
Russia is colluding with iran , hezballah and bashar to impose shiism in a sunni land ...
no less than that ...
and keeping tartus , and latakia in the process , as others will threating Israel , and the saudis

Gary said...

Russia is fighting Islamic terrorism inside their own nation and CIA-Saudi backed Islamic terrorism in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Russia as Byzantium is doing a double or triple game .
1) They fight islamic terror inside Russia in a low intensity non-called war .Chechenia , Dagestan , and Central Asia fifth column inside Russia hearthland ;
2) They support Iran , and Hizballah in Syria , backind Assad Tartus and Latakia lease bases ;
3) As Russia Islamic terror is sunni driven , so Russia backed Shias in that so call fight for the Holy sites - Hijaz ;
4) Putin is very cunning , and play in many chessboards ;
5) CIA backed no one . Hussein Obama back down US role in the region ( he is a Trojan Horse );

Anonymous said...

thats so gary ...