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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Anal sex being taught to students by CNN

Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before

(Fox News)  -  CNN on Monday debuted a documentary series meant to investigate sex education in America -- but the first part of the series showcased surprising scenes about what’s being taught in some schools.
The series is titled “This is Sex with Lisa Ling” and the network describes it as a series “exploring the taboos around sex in America and the ways in which sexuality has been stigmatized, policed and politicized.” The digital venture dropped Monday, and the first part, titled “Sex 101,” featured a look inside a California classroom talking about sex in graphic terms.
The documentary showed students learning how to put a condom on fake penis models and being taught about how to have safe anal sex, during the discussion at James Monroe High School in Los Angeles. Questions involved the technical term for a female receiving oral sex and the area of skin between a female’s private parts.
The school has leaned into the state’s very open sexual education laws and even has a teen health clinic where students can get contraception and the “Morning After” pill for free.
Per California law, all of what is taught must be medically accurate and inclusive to all sexual orientations and gender identities without promoting any particular religion. As a result, all topics regarding sex are pretty much on the table. The class’ teacher mentioned that she’s encountered many students comfortable with telling her that they’re transitioning genders and prefer different pronouns.
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Anonymous said...

CNN as always is one eye biased ...rah , rah , rah !!!
it must a amampour , or kate bouldan piece ... they are biased in biblical porprotions