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Friday, June 14, 2013

Toddlers & Bees kill more than Terrorists - It is really about spreading fear

The Evil Honey Bee.
Bees kill more Americans than terrorists. But Big Brother government allows the evil honey bee to keep on killing while they tell us we must give up our Constitutional rights in order to "fight" domestic terrorism. 
See our article Honey Bees kill more Americans than terrorism.

Big Corporate Media works hand in hand with Big Government to spread fear
  • Yellow Journalism is alive and well. Everything from soda to Muslims is killing us. We are all going to die any second . . . unless we give our Constitutional rights away to a centralized Big Brother Government.
  • Since 9/11 some 238 Americans have died from terrorism.
  • But since 9/11 nearly 500 Americans have died because of allergic reactions to stings by bees, wasps and hornets.

The bi-partisan funded NSA’s vast wiretapping and surveillance operation, in addition to the agency’s attempt to intimidate the media and whistleblowers from releasing information about programs such as PRISM, has has virtually nothing to do with catching terrorists. 

It has everything to do with creating a chilling effect that dissuades the free press from exposing government corruption while making Americans fearful of engaging in political free speech.

Telephones belonging to AP reporters are also being tapped to discourage other news organizations from reporting on government misdeeds. Individual reporters like James Rosen are also being targeted by the Obama administration, making potential sources who have information on government wrongdoing less likely to approach journalists.
The NSA’s huge illegal dragnet also has an additional consequence – implanting a seed of doubt in the minds of average Americans seeking to exercise their first amendment right to criticize the government.
Could they become a target of blanket surveillance and wiretapping? Could their private life be exposed by a resentful NSA official if they dare to become a nuisance to the feds? Could they be accidentally mistaken for a terrorist if they send an email to another person who is under suspicion?
Toddlers - 5
Terrorists - 3

Again, it is all about the government, in alliance with a ratings driven media, to spread FEAR so the people will had over their rights to a government-media run state.

Number of persons killed on American soil so far this year by terrorists: 3.

Number of persons killed on American soil so far this year by toddlers: 5.

Note that three of the toddler killings occurred on the same day, April 9, six days before the Boston Marathon bombing.

The most recent took place last Tuesday, April 30, when a 5-year-old in Cumberland County, Kentucky, killed his 2-year-old sister Caroline with a child-size .22 caliber “My First Rifle” his parents had given him as a gift. These deadly toys are manufactured by Crickett Firearms, which reportedly has taken down its website since the shooting.

It took JJ Goldberg several hours to track down this list.

2/11/13: 4-year-old Joshua Johnson shoots, kills self, Shelby County, TN.
4/9/13: 4-year-old shoots, kills 6-year-old friend Brandon Holt, Toms River, NJ.
4/9/13: 3-year-old shoots, kills self, South Carolina (no further details).
4/9/13: Josephine Fanning, 48, shot & killed by her 4-year-old son, Wilson County, TN.
4/30/13: 2-year-old Caroline Sparks killed by her 5-year-old brother with his kid-size “first gun,” Cumberland County, KY.

And these three non-fatal shootings:

3/13/13: 3-year-old shoots self in head, survives, Manchester, NY.
4/7/13: 2-year-old shoots mother Re’kia Kidd, 22, not fatal, Carroll County TN.
4/24/13: 3-year-old shoots 10-month-old sister in car, not fatal, Canyon County ID.

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