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Friday, June 7, 2013

John Boehner's CYA Dance - If you believe him I have some swamp land to sell

Bullshit Alert!
John Boehner "demands" answers on NSA/phone records
programs that the GOP created and funds

GOP leaders must think you are really fucking stupid.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner did a Cover Your Ass press conference on Thursday.  The Speaker called on the Obama regime to provide answers regarding a government-sponsored surveillance program of U.S. telephone customers, even though Congress apparently has received frequent updates on the secret probe.

What a joke.
  • The GOP controlled House passed the Patriot Act and other bills creating the unconstitutional surveillance Police State.
  • The GOP House passes bill after bill to grow the funding of the Police State.
  • And the GOP House intelligence committees have first hand knowledge of all the secret surveillance of the American people.

The Republican Party is up to their nose in creating an unconstitutional Police State, but Boehner claims he needs "answers" to help fool Republican voters who think their party actually wants small government.

Boehner, at his weekly news conference at the Capitol, told reporters the probe raises “public policy and civil liberties concerns” and asked President Obama to “explain to the American people why the administration considers this a critical tool in protecting our nation from the threats of a terrorist attack.”

But Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee told reporters Thursday they’ve long known about the program and that NSA’s collection of Verizon records is nothing unusual.

Read more at:  Washington Times

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