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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obama has declared war on the press

Shut up - Don't ask questions - Stay afraid - Obey

Prior to his suspicious death, Rolling Stone and Buzzfeed journalist Michael Hastings accused the Obama administration of engaging in a war against the press.

“The Obama administration has clearly declared war on the press,” he told Current TV. “It has declared war on investigative journalism, our sources… I think our only resource to this kind of behavior by the government is to say back to the government we declare war on you and from this point forward we should no longer as the media cooperate in any manner with the government in terms of national security stories. We should withdraw all our cooperation and we should publish everything we know because it is a free press and not a ‘free when the government tells me to do it’ press. We have been way too easy going with these guys, let them get away with this for years. We’ve let them tell us what to print and not print. I say be done with it and we should get together and fire back because no one else is going to defend the press.”

'The Obama administration has clearly declared war on the press'
At 2:32 into this video, Michael Hastings says the Obama administration is at war with the press.

Despite FBI assertions to the contrary, journalist Michael Hastings was under investigation by the agency. In an email sent out hours before his death, Hastings said his “close friends and associates” were being harassed by the FBI and he was going to “go off the radar for a bit,” in other words into hiding.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the email on Friday.

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