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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Conservatives act to censor the Internet - Big Brother orders Google to obey

The UK Conservative Party to order Google and other ISPs to block "harmful" material such as porn and non-approved political thought.
Internet and telecom companies will be ordered by the British Government to block “harmful”
content such as extremist material (extremist means whatever the government says) and pornography.
Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, has summoned the bosses of companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook to a summit in two weeks at which she will demand much closer industry-wide "co-operation" to prevent the uploading, downloading and sharing of "harmful" material.

The agenda will include illegal porn and material that could incite religious or racial hatred and so-called “suicide websites.”
TRANSLATION  -  Among other things, forcefully speaking out against Islam on the Internet will be targeted. The public will only be allowed to view government approved political thought and government approved images of men, women and sex.

Miller will deliver an “enough is enough” message to the Internet service providers (ISPs) and telecoms firms, rejecting the argument that their products are too complex to regulate. She will tell them that they must put aside competition to collaborate over harmful content to meet growing public concern about the issue. She is worried that there is not enough co-ordinated action reports the UK Independent.

Conservative Party Culture Secretary Maria Miller
So-called "Conservatives" in Europe or America have little interest in true freedom.  They work 24-7 to build the 1984 Big Brother Surveillance State to control the information and images you are allowed to view.

Possible new measures include greater use of online filters; making public Wi-Fi more “family friendly” so children cannot access harmful material on their laptops; ensuring all companies sign up to industry guidelines and setting up permanent bodies to monitor content and education campaigns for parents.
In a letter to ISPs and telecom firms, Miller said: “Recent horrific events have again highlighted the widespread public concern over the proliferation of, and easy access to, harmful content on the internet.” She added: “A relatively small number of organisations wield a great deal of online power - and I believe that with that power comes a great responsibility. Given the grave concerns that have been raised it is right that we now consider what more could and should be done in this area.”
The other companies asked to attend the summit are Yahoo, Twitter, BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, Vodaphone, Sky, O2, EE and Three.  Miller told them to produce new ideas “to get to grips with these pervasive and pernicious problems in all their forms.”
The Culture Secretary regards this month's summit as the start of a process, not a one-off event. She wants to work “in partnership” with the industries concerned but will keep up the pressure on them to take swift action over harmful online content in the next few months. 
Sources at Google said the company would be happy to attend the Whitehall talks to explain what it was doing to tackle such problems.
Governments all over the world are frightened to death of free women and free men enjoying images of each other's bodies.

Looking at images not approved by the State is
harmful to an orderly society.  Sign off of the Internet now and
report to the nearest police station for re-education. 

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