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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Concert - Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague

For a change of pace this summer we will be doing a Sunday Concert series.

I love all types of music from Renaissance lute to Mozart to swing to rock.  Music is God's great gift to the world.

A few years ago I accidentally ran across Nouvelle Vague.  They have a very interesting sound.  Nouvelle Vague is a French cover band. Their name means "new wave" in French. This refers simultaneously to their "Frenchness" and "artiness" (the '60s new wave of cult French cinema), the source of their songs (all covers of punk rock, post-punk, and New Wave songs), and their use of '60s bossa nova-style arrangements.

On their first album, Nouvelle Vague, the group resurrected classics from the New Wave music era, and reinterpreted them in a bossa nova style. The songs were stripped back to acoustic arrangements  to cover bands including XTC, Modern English, The Clash, Joy Division, Tuxedomoon, The Cure, and The Undertones.

Nouvelle Vague  -  Dance With Me

Nouvelle Vague  -  I Melt With You

Nouvelle Vague  -    Love Will Tear Us Apart  (Live)

Nouvelle Vague live in Cologne (2011) 

Nouvelle Vague - Dancing with Myself  (music video)

In a manner of speaking - Nouvelle Vague

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