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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Islamists keep Turkish woman off a bus

Insane Islamists tell Turkish woman, "you are causing us to sin."

A Turkish woman claimed she was prevented from boarding a public bus by a group of Islamists because her outfit would "cause them to sin," according to a report by daily Evrensel.

Yağmur Yılmaz, 21, said she left home to go to work, wearing a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt reports Hurriyet Daily News.

Yılmaz said she walked to a stop in Istanbul's Edirnekapı district to get on a bus going to Fatih district, where she worked. A group of around 15 men and women clad in burqas, cloaks and turbans who were on the bus blocked Yılmaz's path, saying she could not get on the vehicle.

Yılmaz said she told the group it was everybody's right to board the bus, to which the women from the group replied, "We would sin if you get on this bus, you are causing us to sin."

The men in the group also harassed Yılmaz, she claimed, saying: "Look at her. Her head is not covered, shame!"

"Nobody in the bus did anything about it, not even the driver," Yılmaz said. "There were other 'uncovered' women waiting at the stop, but they just stood by idly."    (Hurriyet Daily News)

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