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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

INSANITY - A dog hair cutting license

Naturally this is a California dog

Insane Big Government  -  Soon you will not even be able to cut dog hair without the permission of the Government
  • Moronic Democrat bill wants to "protect" pets from untrained groomers.
  • "The pets really are the silent victims," says the insane Democrat author of the bill.

The crazy Leftist People's Republic of California is a gift that just keeps giving.
California already forces people to get Government Licenses for the right to work as furniture upholsterers, private investigators and recreation guides.  Now it wants to regulate pet groomers.
The People's Republic leads the country in the number of professions requiring a license.  In this Leftist state you are not allowed to go to work with permission from the government.
Insane Leftist State Senator Juan Vargas (D-San Diego), author of the proposed legislation, wants to provide pet owners "peace of mind" by creating a certification program. Groomers would have to complete about 900 hours of training to cut dog hair. 

But best of all you pay an as-yet unspecified fee to be certified by the state.
Vargas says the measure, known as SB 969, is intended to protect pets from untrained groomers.

"I want the government out of my salon," said Johnny Ray, co-owner of the Dog House in North Hollywood. "It's just a money grab."

VIDEO  -  Should you need the permission of the government to work?

Insane bi-partisan Big Government licensing has mushroomed over the years to include all manner of trades in both Democrat and Republican states.
  • In Louisiana, florists must pass a test to earn a license to sell a fucking flower.
  • Fortune tellers in Annapolis, Md., need to be licensed to tell the future (Did they see that one coming?).
  •  In Mississippi, hair braiders need to be registered with that state's health department.  Never mind that humans have been doing un-regulated hair care for 50,000 years.
California has about 177 occupations requiring a license, the most of any state, according to the most recent comprehensive count by the Reason Foundation, a libertarian-leaning think tank.  The national average is 92, said Adam Summers, a senior policy analyst with the organization.

Summers, who has studied the rise in occupational licensing, says this type of professional regulation stifles competition, drives up prices and is particularly burdensome to low-income entrepreneurs trying to earn a living in service trades.

In the late 1990s, a group of African American hair-care specialists successfully sued to overturn California cosmetology laws requiring them to undergo 1,600 hours of training and pass an exam to braid hair.

A hair braider in Republican Utah is currently is waging a similar fight against that state's Big Government cosmetology board.

"Mandatory licensing tends to impose arbitrary standards," Summers said. "It's a monopolist system that doesn't necessarily improve quality of services and increases the cost of business."
(Los Angeles Times)

Republican Louisiana is also guilty.
In so-called "Conservative" Louisiana, you need to study and pass a Big Government approved test and then get a government license for the right to earn a living selling flowers.

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