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Sunday, July 8, 2012

DRUDGE REPORT - This is Global Warming


By Gary;

The headlines on the Drudge Report this week bring the insane Global Warming debate to mind.

THE  LEFT-WING  -  Socialist-Commie Leftists use global warming as an excuse to grow a centralized Big Government Socialist state.

THE  RIGHT-WING  -  Without any thinking involved at all Conservatives naturally knee-jerk to oppose anything leftists say.

But what about Science??????

As a Conservative Conservationist who took science classes, I believe it is simple common sense that pouring tons of chemicals and gasses into the air will have an impact on our environment.

Air pollution in China

Leftists are insane bastards.  But the insanity of the Left cannot change facts of science.

Mankind is digging carbon dioxide out of the ground and adding over 8,000 tons of it into the atmosphere ever year. 

Magic Gas  -  Any thinking person can see that this is not "magic gas" that creates electric power and then goes away into a la-la land as many Conservatives like to pretend.

Yes weather is a complex mix of vulcanism, the sun and the ocean.  But the activities of man are very powerful:
  • man added mercury in our drinking water
  • sulfur pollution in the air
  • deforestation from Brazil to Ethiopia
  • or massive ocean pollution 
But that does not mean that the adding of carbon dioxide to the air cannot be dealt with in a way that protects freedom and capitalism

Air pollution in India

It is fair to say Global Warming exists.  That is good science.

All the reports show more than 4,500 temperature records have been matched or broken in the past week as a brutal heat wave baked much of the United States said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The question is the level of man's contribution to warming.  Is man responsible for 10% of the warming.  25%???  40%???

The Global Warming calls for Socialism and wealth re-distribution need to be ignored for the pure bullshit that they are.  But Conservative thought needs to address the issue rather than cede it to the Leftists.

Raw, nasty air pollution in Shanghai, China.
Leftists want to use pollution to grow a centralized Marxist fantasyland while Conservatives stick their heads in the sand and pretend it is "magic gas" that has no impact on the environment.

Air pollution in Hong Kong.

Air pollution in India.

It is official: India has the world's most toxic air.
In a study by Yale and Columbia Universities, India holds the very last rank among 132 nations in terms of air quality with regard to its effect on human health.
India scored a minuscule 3.73 out of a possible 100 points in the analysis, lagging far behind the next worst performer, Bangladesh, which scored 13.66. In fact, the entire South Asian region fares badly, with Nepal, Pakistan and China taking up the remaining spots in the bottom five of the rankings.    (The Hindu)

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