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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Tragedy of Egyptian Democracy

The Tanks are Back in Town
Move along.  Nothing to see here.
Don't worry.  We will have elections later.

By Gary;

Egypt.  The military is back and the wacko Islamists are out.  Both a happy and a sad day for the first ever elected government of Egypt.

Unlike many so-called "Conservatives" in America I was excited by the Arab Spring.  Here we had an Internet powered revolution against 12,000 years of Egyptian military dictatorships.  The people wanted a voice instead of the government being run just for the well-connected Elites of society.

While I was happy that Egypt was moving toward their first ever free elections, most American Conservatives were pulling their hair out because the U.S. was not backing a corrupt military dictatorship with all our power against a People's Revolution. 

Ratings driven fools like Rush and Hannity never spelled out what they would have done.  Would they have ordered the dictatorship to fire machine guns into crowds of hundreds of thousands of Egyptians?  No, the radio and TV talking heads are often full of BS.  It is all white hot talk for ratings and cold hard cash.

In any case, not all revolutions turn out well.
  • The American Revolution ended in a peacefully created government.
  • The English Revolution cut off the head of King Charles I and created a dictatorship by Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.
  • The French Revolution killed upwards of 40,000 people with lots and lots of head chopping and bringing the dictatorship of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Other revolutions in Mexico, Russia and China have been very violent.

The point is the Egyptian Revolution is still a work in progress.  God knows where it will go.

The one thing I do know, it is none of America's business what form of government the people of Egypt select as long as they are not attacking their neighbors or committing mass murder.

Egypt has ruled themselves for 12,000 years.  They do not need the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Britain or the UAE telling them what to do.

Let us give Egypt calm encouragement to move towards peacefully adopting democracy.  But let us leave them the Hell alone to do it.

Laser light show in Tahrir Square Protesters cheer at anti government slogans in Cairo, Egypt 

Back in 2011 Egypt had free elections

Free elections.
And yes Democrats in the US, they had ballot security and ID laws for voting.

They Come from Two Different Worlds
These two photos (above and below) really say it all about Egypt and the Middle East.  Society is divided between modern and traditional.  Each thinks they know the correct way to live and they will not give in to the other side.

But traditional or modern, both sides eagerly wanted to cast their vote in the
first ever free election in Egyptian history.

An Egyptian woman looks at a ballot as she votes in Maadi, a suburb
of Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Nov. 28, 2011.
The Egyptians had a Hell of a lot more choices for their
Parliament than Americans have in their elections.

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