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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Associated Press Seeks Full List Of Concealed Weapons Permit Holders

Associated Press Refuses to Comment on Demand for Concealed Weapon Permit Lists
You can almost guarantee if the AP is looking for a list of all concealed carry permits
in Montana they are seeking the same info from other states.

The Associated Press is refusing to comment on why it requested that the Montana Department of Justice (MDOJ) give it a list of the names and personal information of every concealed weapons permit (CWP) holder in the state.

“We do not comment on ongoing reporting efforts.” Those were the words of Jim Clarke, the regional bureau chief for the Associated Press in Denver, when asked about the attempt by the AP in Montana to gain access to the full list of concealed weapons permit holders in Montana.

Other questions, including a simple confirmation that the AP in Montana did indeed make the request, were met with the same “we do not comment on ongoing reporting efforts” response from a clearly agitated Clarke.

Earlier this week, I first broke the news that the Associated Press in Montana had asked Attorney General Tim Fox for a complete list of concealed weapons permit holders in the state.

Montana Media Trackers also dug into the story, uncovering emails showing that the request came from Montana AP reporter Matt Gouras. Media Tracker’s' Ron Catlett reached out to the AP for comment and was met with the same no comment response that I got.

Here’s more from Catlett’s report:    
According to e-mails from MDOJ obtained by Media Trackers Montana, Montana AP reporter Matt Gouras formally requested the information on March 18.

“We’d like all public information included on each permit holder, including, but not limited to: last name, first name, middle, street address, city, employer, age or DOB, driver’s license number, date of application,” Gouras wrote in his request.

Media Trackers Montana reached out to Gouras, who said he “could not speak for the AP.” Gouras directed any inquiries to the head of the Montana Associated Press, Matt Volz, who, in-turn, directed Media Trackers to regional bureau chief Jim Clarke.

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