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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Liberal Democrats want the police to record your race

Mariah Carey
When the Liberal Race Police stop Mariah Carey what do they do?  Carey was born to an Irish mother and a father of Venezuelan (Latino) and African heritage. 
San Jose Police to record the race of every person they stop and question

Liberal Racism  -  Let's get blunt.  Liberal Democrats are totally obsessed with with race to the point of mental illness. 

To Liberals it is absolutely vital to know the racial origin of the of any penis or vagina involved in any sex act.  Children resulting from those acts are to be cataloged by racial type, given special racially based education, racially based indoctrination in "diversity", racially based college entrance, racially based job preferences and now any contacts with law enforcement are to be recorded by race.

Adolf Hitler would be proud of the attention to racial detail by Liberals.

CBS News reports that the police in Leftist Democrat San Jose, California will record the race of every person they stop and question on the street under a new policy that supporters say could finally determine whether officers are racially profiling.

By the end of the year, police will be following a new policy that requires them to record detailed information about so-called “curb sitting” detentions—whether or not an arrest is made.

Such information has long been required when officers stop people in cars.
The city’s police auditor recommended a similar policy for pedestrian stops after complaints that minorities were being unfairly targeted.

The policy was announced two years ago but critics said it would be too burdensome. It was suspended by acting Chief Larry Esquivel while the regulations were retooled.

(CBS News)

Liberalism is a mental disorder

What do you put on the police state's racial identification form when a cop who is half Chinese and one-quarter Irish and one-quarter Arab stops and questions the Rock, Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba and Vin Diesel?????

The Liberal obsession with race is indeed a mental disorder.

The Rock
His father is of Black Nova Scotian (Canadian) origin, and his
mother is of Samoan heritage.

Jessica Alba
Her mother is of Danish and French Canadian descent and
her father is of Mexican ancestry.

Vin Diesel
Diesel has stated that he is "of ambiguous ethnicity", with his background including Scottish, Italian, African-American and "a lot of stuff"; and that he is "definitely a person of color".

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