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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Does Greece have the right to exist?

  • Greece sinking into a Socialist Black Hole
  • 500,000 mostly Moslem illegal immigrants
  • Slashed wages, higher taxes, and job losses
  • Riots in the streets, massive crime wave

Greece's debt crisis, shrinking economy and surging unemployment have transformed Athens, once considered one of Europe's safest capitals, into a city of fear.  Somehow I don't think all of that will be in the next TV ad asking people to vacation in Greece. 

All of the above came to a head last week when Police in Greece clashed with gangs of youths throwing petrol bombs and stones, a month on from the country's worst civil unrest in decades.  Violence flared when a group of around 30 self-declared anarchists and left-wing activists set rubbish bins alight and smashed paving stones for ammunition to throw at police.

Moslem immigrants in Athens

Greek government officials have called for calm after three straight days of attacks against immigrants in Athens.

Murder Sparked Riots

The violence was reportedly sparked by the fatal mugging of a 44-year old Greek national in the capital last week.

Manolis Kandaris' wife was in labor and he wanted to get her to a hospital, fast. So he reached for the car keys, fetched the video camera and dashed out to get his Citroen running.  He never made it.

As he sprinted to the car, muggers attacked him about a block from his apartment. And when he resisted their attempts to wrench the camera from him, the 44-year-old pharmaceuticals executive was stabbed to death.  His wife found him lying in a pool of blood as she hobbled to the car with the help of her mother. She was taken to a maternity ward; he was taken to the morgue.

Authorities announced the arrest of two Afghans in the killing.

Frustrated residents, meanwhile, are taking things into their own hands.  At an impromptu shrine that sprang up at the site of Kandaris' killing, emotions run high. Angry crowds have sealed off the area, shielding mounds of flowers, candles and prayer notes behind a makeshift wall of dumpsters donned with Greek flags.

"Enough!" cried Giorgos Lambrou, head of a newly formed neighborhood watch team. "We're reclaiming our city, and this is the first patch."

Members of the local Pakistani community said more than 100 Asian and African migrants were attacked Thursday by rampaging Greek youths. Other reports claimed that hundreds of youths wielding baseball bats chase, punched and kicked immigrants.

Pakistani spokesman Irfan Tamur Mohammad told reporters 17 immigrants have been hospitalized from the violence and dozens of immigrant-owned shops were looted or destroyed.

Greek riot police fired tear gas to break up clashes in
Athens between anarchists and right-wingers who
were holding an anti-immigration rally

"It all happened very suddenly, we didn't expect something that extreme. The police were everywhere, but neither did they offer us protection nor did they stop those who were attacking us. I have a wife and three children. Should I leave Greece, or stay and maybe get killed?"  Mohammad said.

Is Greece Imploding?

"Greek society as a whole is at a breaking point," criminologist Angelos Tsigris said. "Things are going from bad to worse, and crime, which mirrors the state of a society at a given time and moment, will naturally follow that course."

"It never used to be this way," said Ioannis Makris, president of the Athens police union. "We're seeing a lot of rage as a result of the financial crisis, a lot of desperate people resorting to fistfights, not to mention gunfire and stabbings, for trite causes."

Residents fear the disorder and lawlessness gripping the capital will hamper desperately needed recovery or, worse, incite further violence, including police brutality and vigilantism.

"I'm losing my city," Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis said. "Something has to happen fast.  "It's starting to look like Beirut in the 1970s," he said, referring to a rash of killings in the Lebanese capital that preceded that country's civil war.

A recent wave of public-safety budget cuts hasn't helped.  "Only a third of the 500 motorcycles and police cars are in operation for patrols," said Makris, the police union president. "The rest are in the pits because there's no money to service them. From boots to bulletproof vests, police resources are ailing in Athens."

Thefts and break-ins jumped from 26,872 recorded cases in 2007 to 47,607 two years later; homicides likewise nearly doubled in the period.

The Balkans before World War One.
The Greeks and other Christian
nations fought for 100 years to get
their freedom from Islam.

Does Greece have the right to exist?

We can all understand the economic problems and tensions that face nations all over the world.  These have always existed and always will.  But with massive immigration there is a larger question.  Does Greece have the right to exist?

To paraphrase Dr. Michael Savage, "Socialism is a Mental Disorder".  The left-wingers of the world do everything in their power to undermine national borders, trash our history as evil and destroy the free market capitalist system. 

The open borders leftists with the help of businessmen who want cheap exploitable labor have together imported millions of people into Europe from Africa and Asia.

The 500,000 or so illegal Moslem immigrants in Greece could easily be followed by millions and millions more poor Arabs, Pakistanis or Turks all looking for a better life.  But then what happens to the Greek nation?

The Greeks are the very foundation of Western Civilization.  Thousands of years ago they gave us democracy, mathematics, philosophy, literature and more.  Greece is a small nation.  Is it right that an entire culture could be wiped out by uncontrolled immigration in a couple of generations?

Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos died
in 1453 defending the walls of Constantinople
from Islamic invasion. 
In 1453 the Moslem Turks conquered Constantinople and enslaved the Greek people for the next 400 years.  The same was true for the conquered Serbs, Bulgars, Romanians and Hungarians.  After 100 years of war the Greeks slowly regained their independence and lands. 

The current map of Europe looked radically different a century ago.  The subjugated peoples of the Balkans had to fight for every inch on the map. 

Borders are not written in stone.  Entire peoples have lost their independence and culture to invasion and immigration:  the Incas, the Carthaginians,  the Scots, the Egyptian Coptic Christians or the Hawaiian islanders.

The Greek people have vanished from the map of the world more than once.  There is nothing to say that they will exist 50 years from today.

The left-wing press plays the eternal Race Card when people dare to take any action and demand border enforcement.

People who want to protect their culture are racists, but the immigrants who would impose their alien culture on the locals are good and pure.

Don't listen to the Leftists and their lap-dog media.  All nations and cultures have the right to exist and live in peace within recognized borders. 

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Andrew33 said...
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Andrew33 said...

(sorry i had to fix an error) Greece only exists (just like the rest of the Eurosociodoemocracies) because we pay for their defense along with the much of the rest of the (recognized) world. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though as our economy can no longer shoulder the weight of defending Europe. That will hurt us, but the EU with debt problems already should simply cede itself to Russia once we tailspin into depression. Once we are out of the way, the Euros go will to war with the Arabs and then Russia (or China) will march in and take all of Europe. I believe it will be the Russians because they pay far more to their history than we do and the Russians in the government like Putin have not forgotten that FDR promised The USSR influence over all of Europe at the last meeting with Churchill and Stalin before he died. Truman did not honor that agreement and so we got the "cold war". The Russians also see Poland, the Baltic states and the breakaway Republics as historically theirs. The Chinese want land with natural resources, and Europe is stripped of those resources they need most. WE have that land, and don't think they don't know it. The only thing stopping them from taking it is our 2nd Amendment rights and that we are (personally) very well armed. The sad thing about world wars 1 & 2 is that they showed that if your aims are political and you are willing to use your military strength against your neighbors, war works.

Andrew33 said...

The problem with that map of 1912 that you posted had too many small nations with ethnic minorities with age old scores to settle. Of course those nations were surrounded by large but politically weak empires with unhappy populations of their own. This was also a time when those politically weak empires had huge stockpiles of new arms, never before used in war and the violence of which were underestimated. Can you name 1 foreign leader today that saw the results of Hiroshima and Nagasaki firsthand?
Not much is remembered about the person who fired the shot that started World War 1. His name was Gavrilo Princip and he died alone, unknown and in prison. He should be remembered because he was associated with a radical anarchist/Marxist group known as the Black Hand. (you should look into that group!) It only takes one anarchomarxist to start a world war and we have far more now than we did in 1914. Things aren't bad enough for a world war to start yet, but it's getting close. My gut says we are around 1912 or so (2 years out until it gets bad enough that developed nations turn on each other). I hope we have a Commander in Chief better than the current one when that time comes.