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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Warrant issued for professor accused of urinating on colleague's door

Your Editor could not pass up this story about his old college.  The liberal elite intelligentsia in universities so often lord over the "uneducated" masses.  If only we were as wise and smart as they are.  They feel we should never question our liberal puppetmasters.  But Congressman Anthony Weiner along with this college professor prove they are no better than anyone else.


A feud between two California State University Northridge professors leads to one of them arrested. Police say one took out his anger on a rival math teacher by repeatedly urinating on his office door.

A bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Cal State Northridge math professor charged with urinating on a colleague's office door after a dispute.

Tihomir Petrov was allegedly captured on videotape in early December urinating on the door of another professor's office.

"He's embarrassing us," said CSUN student Tim Reese. "He actually taught pretty well, but then he goes and does something like that and he undermines everything that I thought of him."  The university is located in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, California.

Petrov was charged with two misdemeanors and ordered to appear for a pretrial conference hearing last week, but he failed to show up. A judge then issued a warrant for his arrest.

Petrov's attorney says he's worked out a plea deal with prosecutors and that Petrov is "Out of the country attending to a family emergency. When Mr. Petrov returns to the United States, he will promptly appear in the San Fernando courthouse to finalize the resolution of this case."

The city attorney says that it doesn't know anything about a family emergency, and the arrest warrant still stands. Petrov's bail is set at $35,000.

CSUN students say they hope the case won't hurt the school's reputation.

"This is a great school in general," said CSUN student Edward Chamourian. "But you know, it's the few bad apples."

"I think the bottom line is how the college handles it," said CSUN student Vicki Schmidtberger. "And it seems like from the reports that they definitely handled it appropriately, and that's the important part."
CSUN officials have not released the video of the alleged crime, and wouldn't talk on camera. They said the school installed a hidden camera in Santa Susana Hall after another math professor complained of finding puddles of urine outside his door.

According to CSUN, Petrov was relieved of his duties after they saw the surveillance tape last January. While Petrov's problems with the university may be over, his troubles with the law are just beginning.

"It's embarrassing, it reflects on the school and definitely should not be here anymore," said CSUN student Reiko Rushing.

"Just to know that professors are doing this, it's like, we're supposed to learn from you and you're over here urinating on a door? It's like, 'Come on, man,'" said CSUN student April Brakefield.

"You want your students to go pee on people's doors because they get mad at somebody? It's just not how you handle things," said CSUN student Mark Land.

- KABC-TV Los Angeles

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