"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jerry Brown wants more taxes,taxes (and yes) taxes

The good old days of the 1970s.  Governor Moonbean with Hanoi Jane
Fonda and her Commie-Pinko husband Senator Tom Hayden.  You know
people by the friends they keep.

"We have to crush the opposition"   - - -  Jerry Brown

They say a leopard does not change his spots.  That is ever so true in politics.  Jerry Brown was a Commie-Pinko nut case in the 1970s and is a Commie-Pinko nut case today.

Brown, like all Democrats, is an insane Statist and Socialist.  They never have met a government program that did not need more funding or an "oppressed" minority that did not need help through the forced re-distribution of wealth.

1978 saw the bursting into American politics of the modern tax revolt.  The people of California under the leadership of Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann passed Proposition 13 against bi-partisan opposition of the Elites of the two political parties. 

Proposition 13 froze property taxes so the common people would not be thrown out of their homes in order to fund the Black Hole of government.  Brown is still bitter to this day about that defeat.  And a bitter old man is an ugly thing to see.  Now he wants to "reform" Proposition 13 and jack up taxes on businesses.  Perhaps he wants to see how many more businesses he can drive out of the state. 

California Governor Jerry Brown hinted that if the budget talks with Republicans break down, the initiative fight that would follow would not be limited to Brown's plans to raise sales, vehicle and income taxes. He said he expects labor groups to pursue changes to Proposition 13, tweaking the current caps on commercial property taxes, if no bipartisan deal can be reached the Los Angeles Times reported.

"I would expect there will be efforts to accelerate the reassessment of commercial property tax," Brown said.

During his remarks to about 250 apartment owners and developers at the Moscone Center, he acknowledged some of his failures in budget talks, particularly over his proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies.  "I wouldn't be ready to write the obituary of redevelopment agencies," he said. "They're very powerful and they're still alive and well despite my best efforts."

He also talked about his experience as mayor of Oakland, and how that convinced him of the need to tweak some of the state's environmental laws. He said he "never had such a sustained experience with mindless resistance," than he did as mayor, but he quipped that the constant antagonism taught him an important political lesson.

"So what did we learn? We have to crush the opposition."

Typical of political hacks, Jerry Brown has spent his entire life sucking on
the government tit.  Making a payroll or even earning a private paycheck from his
labor is an alien thought.

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