"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, June 1, 2020

The Death of America and other random thoughts

Will the Elites allow a July 4th?

The corrupt Ruling Class no longer represents the governed. In their own way those who riot are lashing out at the same Elites that we Nationalists and Conservatives hate.

By Gary;

Something has snapped in America.

We see not just the outright lawlessness of riots, but the "legal" lawlessness of the Elites fucking over their own people.

We saw this legal lawlessness start with Waco massacre and go on to the building of an unconstitutional bipartisan 1984 Police State under Bush and Obama right to Hillary's crimes and Jeffrey Epstein's murder.

Simply, no one in the Ruling Class goes to jail. The Elites are above the law.

It is no wonder we see massive unrest resulting among much of America. The resulting protests and riots by the poor African American part of society is basically against the ruling Leftists who have impoverished residents of large cities.

That anger is being directed away from the Left with a magician's trick - Ignore that the cities are run by corrupt Black Leftists and look over there at the evil white man.

An old trick, but it works.

As for the rest of us, at the lowest levels the Ruling Class endlessly screws over their peasant subjects with steep fees for everything from traffic tickets to DVM to ever larger local sales and income taxes.

We saw how GOP and Democratic Governors both eagerly embraced Fascism in the name of the Coronavirus.

Backed by the Media-Government propaganda machine the Elites told us to:
  • just shut the Hell up
  • locked us in our homes
  • banned July 4th celebrations for our "safety"
  • shut down internet voices who dared to question the Elites
  • illegally shut down our small businesses
  • but allowed giant corporations like Walmart to stay open
  • they told us where to stand
  • to cover our faces
  • closed churches, beaches and parks

But worse, easily 50% of the slack jawed Sheeple population licked the boots of their Masters. The Sheep questioned nothing and started to attack anyone who was still able to think.

Yes something in America snapped. The Elites now work 24-7 to abolish our freedoms and the average American does little to nothing to fight back.

The Slaughter at Waco

Welcome to the Future

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Anonymous said...

don`t be so glom

the feds are looking on those guys in Portland , or the other loonies in Georgia

and langley catch the sources too