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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Conservative AfD Party Headquarters BOMBED in Germany

Remember You Are Nazi

  • The open borders lunatic Left will always call you a "Nazi" or "Far Right" if you dare say out loud that your nation, language and religion have the right to exist behind secure borders.

Violent attacks on the conservative AfD Party in Germany are escalating.

On Friday the AfD headquarters were bombed in Saxony.
Three buildings were damaged in the blast!

Three political operatives were arrested for their alleged involvement in the attack.
Police are not revealing information on the suspects (likely violent leftists) at this time.

Attacks are increasing on the conservative AfD Party per the Central Crime Archive:
  • 2014: 4 criminal attacks
  • 2015: 76 criminal attacks
  • 2016: 464 criminal attacks
  • 2017: 669 criminal attacks

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police have detained three men suspected of involvement in an explosion that targeted an office of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) far-right party in the eastern state of Saxony.

No one was injured in the explosion outside the AfD office in the city of Doebeln late on Thursday. The blast set the office on fire and damaged vehicles and nearby buildings, Saxony’s LKA criminal investigation office said in a statement.

The LKA said its anti-terrorism unit had determined that the explosion was an escalation in politically motivated attacks targeting AfD offices in Saxony that are usually limited to acts of vandalism.

“The attack against the AfD office in Doebeln is special given that the explosion was intended to harm people,” the LKA said.


Vote in Germany could see AfD in all parliaments across the country

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