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Monday, October 15, 2018

Open Borders Angela Merkel’s Allies Suffer Worst Election Results Since 1950

The Death of the West
There is no will to defend the West

  • Bottom Line  -  The anti-Muslim immigration party AfD got only 10.9% of the vote. Simply 89.1% of voters backed open borders parties.
  • So say goodbye to Germany and hello to Germanistan.

(Reuters) ― Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bavarian allies suffered their worst election result since 1950 on Sunday, bleeding votes to the far-right in a setback that immediately raised tensions within Germany’s crisis-prone national government.

The Christian Social Union (CSU) won 35.6 percent of the vote, preliminary results showed, losing its absolute majority for only the second time since 1962 ― an outcome sure to stoke infighting in the conservative party, already a difficult partner for Merkel in Berlin.

“Of course today is not an easy day for the CSU. We did not achieve a good result,” Bavarian premier Markus Soeder told a gathering of his party. “We accept the result with humility,” he said, adding that the CSU nonetheless wanted to form a stable government as soon as possible.

The result, which saw the pro-immigration Greens come second and the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) enter the state assembly for the first time, means the CSU will need to form a coalition ― a humiliation for a party used to ruling alone.

The Greens, who more than doubled their share of the vote to 18.3 percent, attracted support from more liberal CSU voters and from those who traditionally vote for the left-leaning Social Democrats (SPD), who won just 9.7 percent.

“The political earthquake was in Bavaria, but the aftershocks will be felt in Berlin ... Talk will increase ever more about the end of the Merkel era,” said Fred Kempe, president of the Washington-based Atlantic Council think tank.

The AfD won 10.9 percent of the vote, the preliminary results showed. The Free Voters, a protest party that is the CSU’s most likely coalition party, won 11.6 percent. The CSU has ruled out an alliance with the AfD.

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Pussy "Conservatives"
Will Not Even Defend Beer

Open borders "Conservatives" deliberately import anti-beer Sharia Law loving Islamists into the heart of Oktoberfest country.
Neither the Right nor the Left has any interest in defending Western culture.

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