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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Now Mario Nintendo Games are "Racist"

Politically Correct Bullies

(Daily Caller)  -  Super Mario Odyssey is the latest Nintendo game to fall afoul of social justice warriors.
Nintendo has partially capitulated to the complaints by changing the game’s “controversial” artwork on its cover.
When visuals of the game were released earlier this year, perpetually offended progressives raised their voices in anger at the appearance of Mario in a traditional Mexican outfit, replete with a sombrero and poncho. His stereotypical look prompted cries of “cultural appropriation,” to which Nintendo has responded by removing the offending look from the box art.
Animal rights activists at PETA went after Mario for wearing the raccoon-skinned Tanooki suit with an ultraviolent spoof, alleging that it promoted violence against animals. But the organization quickly explained that they only intended it as a joke.

When the box cover for Super Mario Odyssey was unveiled at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in June, a portion of the cover art showed the portly protagonist dressed up as a Mexican. It was presented alongside other visuals depicting the mustachioed Italian plumber in several different looks and environments, to emphasize the game’s diverse content.
It received complaints from social justice warriors, some of whom proudly identify as “latinx” — a made up word intended to neuter the Spanish language of gendered terminology. In a now deleted tweet, Rebecca C-Palacios wrote: “Hey, it would be nice if we used this stereotype less.” Her words became a meme, prompting her to delete it.
Many Mexican gamers objected to her complaints, stating that they had no problem with the content. Some offered rebuttals to Palacios and others like her to state that they did not need others feeling offended on their behalf, and that they enjoyed recognition from Nintendo.

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