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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Judge orders IRS to reveal who took part in Tea Party targeting

No One Goes To Jail

  • If an average Joe robs a liquor store the full weight of the all-powerful state comes down hard on his ass and off to jail he goes.
  • But nothing happens if the Oligarch Elites illegally target political enemies, lie to the American people or commit loan fraud in the billions collapsing the economy.

(Fox News)  -  A federal judge has ordered the Internal Revenue Service to release the names of specific employees involved in targeting Tea Party groups, after years of litigation over what conservatives have long called “chilling” behavior by one of the government’s “most feared” agencies.
Judge Reggie B. Walton of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia also said the IRS must provide information about which groups were targeted and why, along with a strategy to make sure such targeting doesn't happen again. 
The IRS is involved in multiple lawsuits with conservative groups related to the Tea Party targeting scandal; this particular case involves True the Vote. 
“We’re thrilled the judge has taken this step and it feels good to have it recognized that they need to be held to account,” True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht told Fox News on Monday. “What happened to me was very personal—my name was thrown around the IRS, and the names of the people involved need to be known. What they did was criminal.”
The targeting scandal drew much attention in 2013 when the IRS, headed at the time by Lois Lerner, admitted it was applying extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for nonprofit status. 
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Anonymous said...

Major US fellony in the US Law . Those public officers that did that will go on dole .