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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trump and Milo are Screwed by "Conservatives"

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Everyone's Crazy Except You and Me...

And I'm Not So Sure About You

By Gary;

The entire political structure of the Left and of the so-called "Right" has gone fucking insane and is on a 24-7 attack on Trump and his American Nationalist Movement.

Republicans (now a Leftist Party) are goose-stepping in lock step with Democrats to label The Donald as a racist and to beat him to death on live TV.

If you listen carefully, while trying to screw over Trump you can hear the open borders GOP whispering:  "President Pence, President Pence, President Pence."

I am disgusted beyond words at the Leftist Republican Party.

The GOP was silent as Leftist Terrorists burned UC Berkeley to silence Milo's right to freedom of speech.  The party has also been stone cold silent about all the Leftists openly calling for Trump's murder.

But the GOP insanity has gone one step beyond.  Passive no longer, now the party is actively attacking Trump for opposing violence and racism.

A tiny number of screwball skinhead types cause some trouble and the GOP rips Trump. It does not matter how many ways Trump would condemn the loons. It will never be enough for the Swamp Creature Oligarchs in the Washington-Media Complex.

Except for Trump I have not voted for a Republican since 2012 when I voted GOP for Congress ( and Libertarian for President against Romney. A wise move.).

The GOP is not just worthless. It is filled with traitors.

Virginia Riots Staged To Bring in Martial Law, Ban Conservative Gatherings

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The Swamp is fight back
and it is winning

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A well planed conspiracy ... lead by "the trojan horse President of Doom Barack Hussein Obama " and the Old World Order , super pack of the International Crime Syndicate on Drugs, Guns , and Human Trafiking ...
Those Charlotteville rioting was "planed and delivered " by fake demostrators from aleged KKK loonies , and Antifa loonies .Both used by a Higher Power , as that Kim crazed Guam "so call " threat .
Be wise .
And don`t led to be cornered by wrong choices .
Even a GOP candidate , is better than a CNN Dems lookalike one .