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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Terrorism in Boston shows the need for guns

Let's Be Blunt.
Lennie Briscoe shows up to talk with CSI after the crime happened.  The crap Big Brother government says about "protecting" you is a load of Bullshit.  Police do not prevent crimes that have not happened yet.  They show up after the crime happened to write reports.
2nd Amendment Alert
Socialist Democrats want to take your guns with the false promise that Big Brother Government can protect your family.
  • The Boston terrorist hid in a boat rather than try to force his way into a home where the residents could have been armed.  Private ownership of firearms protects the citizens of Boston or any other city from terrorists entering your home.

By Gary;

The acts of Islamist Terrorism in Boston show the need for the 2nd Amendment.  The police cannot protect you.  They show up after the event to gather evidence.

The mother of the two men even claims the FBI were watching them.  In the modern American unconstitutional Police State I have no doubt that is true.

“My son would never do this. It is a set-up,” said  Zubeidat Tsarnaeva the mother of the two men in her interview with RT News. “He was controlled by FBI for like, three, five years. They knew what my son was doing. They knew what actions and what sites on the Internet he was going. He used to come home, they used to come and talk to me. They used to tell me that, you know, that they are controlling his – they were telling me that he’s really a serious leader and they’re afraid of him."

"They said, they told me that whatever he is, whatever country decides, whatever is there, whatever information he’s getting, they are controlling him, so how could this happen? How could they – they were controlling every step of him, and they’re telling today that this is a terrorist act. Never, ever! This is not true. My two sons are innocent.”
While I am not usually a conspiracy theory type, I have no doubt that the Socialist Democrats will find a way to use this act of terror to attack gun ownership.  Never let a crises go to waste.

Stand firm patriots.  The gun grabbers are re-forming for another assault.

(World Net Daily)

Support the 2nd Amendment
because the police usually only show up after the
crime has been committed.

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