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Friday, April 19, 2013

Egyptian ID Cards List Your Religion

In another time and in another place
the all-powerful State forced people to declare their religion.

"In Egypt, you can be asked to state your religion in all kinds of situations — for example to sign a sales agreement, or even to register for university!”
  • Egyptian Christians are targeted by the State by being forced to declare their religion on State issued ID Cards and other documents.

In Egypt, identity cards feature a citizen’s name, picture, profession… and religion! A group of young Egyptian activists feels that this last bit of information is irrelevant, and have launched a Facebook campaign against what they see as government intrusiveness.
The campaign, called “Haga tkhosseni (“None of your business”), was launched by a group of young people that includes Muslims as well as Coptic Christians. They want the government to eliminate the “religion” box on Egyptian identity cards reports France 24 News.
The campaign encourages Egyptian citizens to stick a piece of paper that says “human being” or “none of your business” (or some other rejection of this categorization) over the spot where their card reads “Muslim” or “Christian”.
This campaign was launched several days after sectarian violence broke out between Copts and Muslims near Cairo, causing six deaths. It was inspired by a similar campaign that took place last year.
Egypt’s Copts make up about 10% of the country’s population of 85 million people.

"I need to see your papers."

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