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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Will Mitt Romney survive "First Contact"

Mitt Romney is just a bit too enthusiastic about packing fudge.

Romney  -  Dead on Arrival?

By Gary,

Depending on the poll, former GOP Presidential front runner Mitt Romney is running 11 to 15% behind Texas Governor Rick Perry.

To put it another way, Romney is losing to an invisible candidate.  Perry has not been in debates or on the endless 24-7 cable TV talking head shows.

Romney is losing to the idea of Rick Perry. 

Republican voters are thirsty for real and proven leadership.  Someone who can jump start the economy and save millions of people who are sinking into an economic Black Hole.  They want another Ronald Reagan.

Romney's losing to an invisible candidate shows that GOP voters have rejected him.  I believe the party is over before the first primary.  Before First Contact.

As for the lesser candidates.  Thanks for showing up to the debates and making TV interesting.  But you guys have a snow ball's chance in Hell of getting the nomination.

The best the 2nd tier candidates can hope for are cabinet appointments or ambassadorships in a new Republican administration.  The Vice Presidential spot is out of reach for all of them.  Marco Rubio has that post in his back pocket.

The election is Rick Perry's to lose. 

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