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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Is the CIA pushing war with Iran?

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CIA Behind ISIS & other Terrorist Groups says New York Times

Endless CIA Wars For Fun and Profit
The CIA brought you wars in Iraq, 
Syria, Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan.

By Gary;

I can smell the CIA bullshit right through the internet.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a former CIA Director, claimed Iran was "planning" terrorism.

Hold on here.

It was the CIA and our Muslim "allies" who were arming ISIS and the other Islamist troops in Syria.  And it was Iranian troops and militias who were in the field fighting the ISIS and other Islamist soldiers that we were arming.

Now our "intelligence agencies" who armed ISIS claim Iran is "planning" terrorism so we must go to war.

This BS has to end.  I say pull out 90% of our ground troops in the snake pit called the Middle East. They are nothing more than targets anyway. Our navy can remain off shore to keep an eye on Iran.

If the Saudis feel they need ground support let Egypt send troops. Egypt has an army of 300,000. They can provide some troops. It does not have to be America.

The point is we need to stop the endless wars pushed by the CIA and the Military-Industrial Complex. No more wars. America First.

Why is Everyone Suddenly Trusting The Deep State On Iran

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CIA owned In-Q-Tel made a 
“strategic investment” in the software
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CIA Software Company Collects Obamacare Data

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