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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Illegal alien Africans flood the Mexico border

The Mexican National Guard block a road during an operation to halt a caravan of illegal aliens from Africa.

Open Borders America

  • Trump and his Nationalist supporters are the only ones in America who want to control the border.
  • The bought off GOP and Dem whores in Congress do everything in their power to prevent reform of asylum laws, to increase legal imported cheap labor and drag their feet on building a wall.

(Los Angeles Times)  -  The number of African migrants heading to the U.S. through Mexico has more than doubled this year — from roughly 2,700 in 2018 to 5,800 today, according to data from the federal government.
That figure has been steadily rising since 2007 — the year the Mexican government began including migrants from African countries who have contact with immigration officials in their annual migration reports — when the number was 460.
And that dramatic increase has been mostly left out of U.S. immigration conversations, activists say.
“Even within the immigration movement, you see a lack of visibility of black narratives with what is happening at the border,” said Guerline Jozef, director and co-founder of the Haitian Bridge Alliance, an organization that helps black migrants from all over the world.
Jozef was initially caught off-guard by the number of black migrants south of the border.
In 2016 she didn’t know how to respond to a call she got about a group of Haitian migrants in Tijuana. She couldn’t understand why they were in Tijuana instead of Florida, the more traditional migration route for Caribbean migrants.
“At the time, honestly, I did not believe it,” she said.
But she went anyway and met with 12 Haitian migrants. She stayed a month and counted more than 400 black migrants from not just Haiti but Congo, Cameroon and Sierra Leone as well.

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African migrants traveling north clash with Mexican military police


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