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Sunday, October 20, 2019

GOP Senator Tells Indian Workers to Lobby for Open Borders

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  • The pretend "Conservative" GOP is the only force standing between us and the insanity of Venezuela style Marxism. But that does not make me happy. The GOP either hides under their desks in fear or eagerly acts as cheerleaders for eternal war, censorship and 1984 spying.

A GOP Senator met with more than 100 Indian contract workers in Congress and publicly urged them to lobby U.S. Senators for passage of his legislation to give citizenship to more Indian workers who push middle-class Americans out of college-graduate jobs.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) made the request on Thursday, shortly his fourth bid to pass his S.286 green-card giveaway bill. The bill was quickly blocked by an objection from a Democratic Senator — while the other 52 GOP Senators did not speak out. “We’re now down to one objector, just one,” Lee claimed, adding:
What we don’t know is how long any one objector will continue to object to something that does as much good as this bill does while doing no harm. It is pretty hard to do that … I’m going to have to keep doing it until I lose my voice.
Yes it's The Onion
But that does not mean it is not true.

“Over time, [objectors] tend to get tired of objecting, in part, because they hear from good people like you who tell them this legislation is good, this legislation needs to pass,” Lee told the Indian workers, most of whom voluntarily took white-collar jobs, salaries and even careers from American graduates in exchange for their employers’ promises to give them green cards.
“I want to come here and say thank you,” Lee told the applauding foreign workers. likely including some of who have taken jobs and money from Lee’s Utah constituents, adding;
Thank you for living in this country and for wanting to be here, thank you for your willingness to speak about and educate your fellow beings about this issue. Thank you for defending me online — I’ve seen so many who have been part of your organization who have stepped up online as the attacks have come, and have clarified the truth and have done so with unmistakably well-informed words, never unkindalways informative and ultimately very persuasive.
“We’ve never been as close as we are today, right now” to pass the outsourcing bill, the GOP Senator told the foreign workers, who are neither citizens and nor legal residents of the United States:
We’re now down to one objector, just one. What we don’t know is how long any one objector will continue to object to something that does as much good as this bill does, while doing no harm. It is pretty hard to do that.
Lee insisted that the other 53 GOP Senators really do support his outsourcing legislation: “If this bill were on the floor today for an up or down vote, it would pass overwhelmingly.”
“Anyone watching the events over the past couple weeks would have arrived at the conclusion this is a globalists wet dream come true,” said a statement from Kevin Lynn, founder of Progressives for Immigration Reform.  “Not only are our legislators subject to bribery through our corrupt campaign finance system, they are subject to intimidation by hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals living within our borders whose presence in the country was and continues to be predicated on the displacement of American workers [whom] corporations have deemed to be expensive and expendable.”
Lee repeatedly touted his outsourcing bill as a noble effort against supposed anti-Indian “discrimination.”

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