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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Federalist Shadow-Banned by Google, Part V

Google Lies:  "We don't censor"
Leftist Google Has Declared
Me a Thought Criminal

By Gary;

Words of wisdom from Fletcher. No doubt about it.

I have watched as my Blog The Federalist was being censored by Big Brother Google.

I am basking in my Through Crime.

When I first read 1984 in high school never in my wildest dreams did I suspect that I would be declared a Thought Criminal.

Deep down it makes me kind of proud that the Billionaire Internet Cartels are frightened shitless by a little hobby Blog like mine.  Indeed my thoughts must be dangerous.

Since 2011 I have published 9,213 articles and had 4.6 million page views.

The censorship kicked in September, 2017.

  • 173,345 page views in August, 2017.
  • Dropping to 61,939 page views for September, 2017.
  • And steady dropping to 29,951 page views in the last month.

But on my administrative page I noticed an odd search engine:  DuckDuckGo.  Duck had just sent me 126 views. So I did a little research.

Google is Corrupt

I typed into Google "The Federalist Blog".  Going ten pages in my website never showed up at all . . . . and we all know 95% of people never search beyond page two.

My numbers have dropped because Google has buried my site never to been seen by any human being.

As a test I typed "The Federalist Blog" into DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Bing. 

In all three cases my Blog showed up on page one of the searches (see screenshots below).

If an FBI SWAT team can invade the home of Roger Stone then I think Trump should send a SWAT team into Google HQ to gather evidence of crimes with China and anti-trust.

Duck Duck Go Page One

The search engine that doesn't track you. Help Spread DuckDuckGo!
The Federalist shows up on page one, but almost no one uses Duck.

Yahoo Page One

The Federalist shows up on page one of Yahoo, but almost no one searches on Yahoo.

Bing Page One

The Federalist appears on page one of a Bing search, but almost no one uses Bing.

I want to thank all of my regular and irregular readers alike.

Stick with me if you can.  Save this page as a favorite.

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