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Monday, December 31, 2018

Massive Leftist Attacks on Freedom of the Press

The Gateway Pundit Under Leftist Attack

The Gateway Pundit had ANOTHER record year in 2018.
The Gateway Pundit had over 240 million page views from readers in 2018.

1.) FACEBOOK— In March of this year Facebook shut down our content. Facebook has targeted and ELIMINATED conservative content since the 2016 election. Over 2 billion conservative page views were deleted from top conservative websites since 2016. 

Facebook will not allow conservatives to have free speech EVER AGAIN! Facebook is a criminal outfit. In 2016 Facebook accounted for one-third of the traffic at The Gateway Pundit. TGP was ranked as the 4th most influential conservative website in 2016 — Facebook took care of that and eliminated our presence on their social media platform. Today Facebook accounts for only 2-4 percent of our traffic.

In September The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft testified before Congress on the criminal actions by Facebook to eliminate conservative voices.

2.) AMAZON A majority of the ads you see online come through Amazon, Google and Facebook. These liberal tech giants are now making it difficult for conservative voices to have the same opportunity as liberal hacks online. 

They regularly target and eliminate ads on conservative sites like The Gateway Pundit. One advertiser notified The Gateway Pundit and told us they have us listed as “undesireable.” This is how the tech giants see conservatives in America — as third class citizens much like the “untouchables” in India.

3.) TWITTER — A study in 2018 found The Gateway Pundit was being shadow-banned on Twitter. Several top conservatives were found to be shadow-banned by Twitter this year including: Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Gateway Pundit writer Cassandra Fairbanks, Lucian Wintrich, author and YouTuber Stefan Molyneux, InfoWars Editor-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson, Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft, and commentator Laura Loomer. Freedom Caucus members in Congress were shadow-banned. Never-Trumpers however were not being shadow-banned. Gateway Pundit writer Cristina Laila was recently warned she violated Pakistani law with her tweets. Wow!
4.) Wikipedia Wikipedia is now a far left filth site with the goal of smearing every effective conservative and conservative publisher in America. And now Google and Facebook are using Wikipedia to smear conservatives on their platforms. Our page is filth and innuendo. It is impossible to correct since the top editors on Wikipedia are left-wing smear merchants.
5.) Physical Threats of Violence We were warned recently by authorities The Gateway Pundit is under threat of physical threat of violence. We are not saying any more at this time.
6.) Smear campaigns — Liberal activists are constantly smearing The Gateway Pundit. We may have some news coming soon on our reaction to a recent outlandish attack against our website.
7.) Google — Have any of you tried to look up The Gateway Pundit on Google?  — The far left tech giant makes you wade through a swamp of filth BEFORE THEY EVEN PROVIDE A LINK TO OUR SITE! This is criminal.
8.) Frivolous lawsuits — This is a horrible tactic by the left to silence conservatives — Alex Jones is a prime example.
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