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Sunday, December 2, 2018

FAKE HATE CRIME - Black student arrested for spraying N-word and swastika targeting HIMSELF

Angry Leftists Stage Their Own "Hate Crimes"

(Daily Mail)  -  A black college lacrosse player has been arrested in connection with two incidents of racist graffiti found in a dorm on the Goucher College campus in Maryland.
Fynn Ajani Arthur, a 21-year-old from Brunswick, Maine, was charged with two counts of malicious destruction of property on Thursday night in Baltimore County.  
His arrest came after graffiti aimed at black and Latino students was found on the second floor of a campus dorm, one floor above where similar graffiti had been found on November 14, Goucher College administrators said in a statement.
Both incidents that shook the Towson campus involved backward swastikas and targeted specific individuals, according to the statement.   
Thursday's graffiti depicted swastikas, the letters 'KKK' and appeared to include the last names of four black students, including Arthur. The previous graffiti reportedly said all 'n*****s' on campus would be killed.
Arthur was released his own recognizance after a bail review hearing on Friday, according to jail records. 
He has been banned from campus pending a student conduct review.  
Goucher Public Safety officials worked with Baltimore County Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Baltimore Field Office to investigate both of graffiti incidents.
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Just because people open their mouths does not mean they are telling the truth.
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