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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

NeoCons Applaude Internet Censorship

Bill Kristol
Once an asshole, always an asshole

(Daily Sheeple)  -  Imagine my surprise.
Neocons are breaking out the champagne to celebrate the removal of Alex Jones from social media.

Jonathan Last, the editor of The Weekly Standard digital edition, after defending the removal of Jones, made an interesting comment:
The conservative view isn’t just that communities have the right to create standards—we have always believed that there is wisdom and virtue in doing so. If we didn’t, then we’d be libertarians.
Poor ill-educated fool. Libertarianism is all about ethical standards—primarily the ethic that one individual (or the state) doesn’t have the right to use physical violence against another individual or a group of individuals.
Neocons don’t subscribe to this. In fact, they believe violence is the preferred tool for dealing with stubborn and recalcitrant foreign leaders and regimes that reject the neoliberal economic order.
The cost for imposing this order—cheered on by Kristol and his co-conspirators—cost a million and a half human lives. Bill and his post-Trotskyite comrades declared this as a victory and urged the same treatment for Iran, Libya (mission accomplished), Syria (500,000 dead), Afghanistan (it is reported Trump is looking for a way out), and much of Africa where murderous Saudi Wahhabi inspired terrorists kill hundreds, including school children.

Imagine the shoe on the other foot. If Bill and his comrades were ejected from social media there would be a loud hue and cry—and, of course, the accusation that social media is run by antisemites.
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