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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Happy Memorial Day Under The Boardwalk

Under The Boardwalk
The Great Summer Anthem

Oh when the sun beats down and burns the tar up on the roof
And your shoes get so hot you wish your tired feet were fire proof
Under the boardwalk, down by the sea, yeah
On a blanket with my baby is where I'll be
out of the sun

(Under the boardwalk) we'll be havin' some fun
(Under the boardwalk) people walking above
(Under the boardwalk) we'll be falling in love
Under the boardwalk, boardwalk
In the park you hear the happy sound of a carousel

Mm-mm, you can almost taste the hot dogs and french fries they sell
Under the boardwalk, down by the sea
On a blanket with my baby is where I'll be

I can think of no better way to start off the summer than with the 1964 classic Under The Boardwalk by The Drifters.

Your editor is going to take some time off for Memorial Day to recharge.

Enjoy your friends and family.

Bill Cisco and the Drifters

Under the Boardwalk Telethon Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Steven Tyler

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