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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teenager stoned to death for entering beauty contest

The religion of peace strikes again

Attractive Muslim teenager Katya Koren was murdered because she took part in a beauty contest.

Terrified Katya, 19, was stoned to death and murder police are investigating claims that three youths killed her before claiming her death was justified under Islamic law.

One of the three, named as Bihal Gaziev, told police that she had “violated the laws of Sharia”.

Local Moslems saw women like
Lyudmila Bikmullian, Miss
Ukraine Universe, as a threat
Gaziev, 16, who is now under arrest, allegedly added that he had no regrets about Katya being killed.  She was found murdered in a village near where she had lived in the Crimea region of Ukraine.  Katya’s battered body was discovered in woodland a week after she was brutally killed.

Friends said she liked wearing fashionable clothes.  She had finished seventh in the regional beauty contest.

The majority of Muslims in Ukraine are ethnic Crimean Tatars and live in the Crimean peninsula on the northern coast of the Black Sea.  Different groups in the Muslim faith believe death by stoning is a punishment that can be carried out on adulterers.  Others take the view that it is not an Islamic law.

Lyudmila Bikmullian, Miss Ukraine Universe 2007
The death penalty for a beauty contest?  An act of insanity.
Some advice to Miss. Bikmullian, don't visit the Crimea.
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Anonymous said...

Nope, this brutal action is not part of Sharia, but an act of insanity. Please get your fact right before writing something like this ...

anonymous said...

"Sharia Law" in its true form is bullshit either way you look at it.
Basically its written by fanatic Muslim men, who want to control there women and kill "The Infidels" of the world in a "Blood bath". This story needs to be heard by the whole world to show how brutal fanatic muslims are.